Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company

VWGC offers a wide variety of custom structures supporting all facets of the horticulture industry. Below you'll find an introduction to some of our products and our manufacturing process.


Custom Fabrication

this photo consists of 4 acres of greenhouse waiting to be galvanized and it's designer.

Custom Manufactured Structures

Structural Dimensions


Van Wingerden's Typical Structural Dimensions

Structure Specifications


Greenhouse Building / Structure Specifications

Roof Specifications


Van Wingerden's Typical Roof Specifications

Institutional / Educational


Educational Greenhouses

Custom Fabrication


We design and manufacture our structures using innovative laser precision CNC machines in order to provide unmatched quality and accuracy. This also allows us nearly endless ways to customize your structure. Some areas in which we can customize the greenhouse project are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Custom labeling of the components (trusses, posts, a-frames etc.)
  • Custom truss clearance, gutter and truss extension heights.
  • Incorporating girder trusses to eliminate posts.
  • Framing of passage, overhead and sliding doors.
  • Attachment to existing or new buildings.
  • Non-standard bay widths.
  • Varying the heights of the posts and truss extensions to create a slope in the roof gutters for improved drainage while maintaining a level floor area.
  • ALL structures can be manufactured to accept various growing systems, such as: shade/energy retention; hanging baskets; irrigation booms; lighting systems; crop support; heating etc.

Structural Dimensions


These are our typical Structural Dimensions* for a commercial style greenhouse

  • 12 ft. peak width / 12 ft. gutter spacing
  • 12 ft. post spacing
  • 18 inch deep box style truss
  • 1.5 inch square truss bracing
  • Variable roof bar spacing
  • 36 ft. truss span

*Additional configurations and custom designs available.

The greenhouse roof may be fixed or vented, including options to fully open the peaks for maximum natural ventilation. The roofs can be glazed with a variety of choices: double-poly, poly-carbonate, glass etc.

Structure Spec.


Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company's structures are fabricated utilizing high strength steel that is hot dipped galvanized after the manufacturing process.

Our typical structure consists of a 36' truss clear span with 12' wide bays. We can also design and build various truss clear spans with optional bay widths.

NGMA (National Greenhouse Manufactures Association) standard structural load calculations are used unless otherwise requested by the customer. Bay widths and side wall spacing are typically 12'-0" on center. Structure includes box style trusses with nominal lengths of 24'-0" up to 48'-0"

Roof Spec.


Van Wingerden Greenhouse Company's roofs are designed with a 30 degree slope. This allows for increased roof area, improved condensation control and better light transmission. 

Other roof components are aluminum extruded hollow gutter sections, complete with aluminum extruded hinge and condensation control cavity; optional aluminum extruded half moon drip gutter; aluminum extruded gutter saddle; aluminum ridge and aluminum roof bars. 

Roof vents (with or without bug screening) are options on some of our roof designs. 

Roof glazing options include: double poly film (4mil, 6mil), 8mm polycarbonate, 8mm or 16mm acrylic, and 4mm tempered or 6mm laminated glass. 

Institutions / Educational


An option which is popular for institutional and educational greenhouses is the Wide Span structure. The Wide Span is ideal for smaller educational greenhouses up to 36' wide. Some features include:


  • Larger volume of air above the gutters
  • Optional continuous ridge vent with or without bug screening allowing ventilation even when its raining
  • Peaked wide span truss maximing truss clearance relative to the gutter height
  • Glazing options: polycarbonate or tempered glass
  • NGMA standards

*Institutional and educational greenhouse structures can be fully customized.


VWGC has completed many educational greenhouse projects over the years. Part of this process often involves working with educators. At VWGC we understand that as an educator researching greenhouse possibilities, the task can often be overwhelming. We want educators to understand how we believe the project should flow, thus making the process less daunting. 



Research is very important in solving problems and finding solutions which is why having the right greenhouse structure to create that perfect environment can be the most important decision you make. VWGC has years of experience and many research projects under its belt to assist you in designing that space.